Shed 2.0 (beta)

05.26.11 | Comment?

On Saturday morning, Holly and I decided to go get supplies for the shed. We got stuck waiting around Home Depot for almost two hours because we needed to rent their van so we could fit all the lumber. It was rented just moments before we got there and came back late. Once we finally got everything unloaded at home, I got on the phone and started rounding up helpers. My brother and The Dude came to lend a hand. While I waited for them I framed the subfloor and got it ready for sheeting. By four o’clock I had to wrap up and leave for a tattoo appointment, but we managed to get the three walls above erected and braced.

The next day went a little slower, since the roof framing is a time consuming process. The Dude and I managed to get the last wall up and sheeted, along with the roof. The following day was spent framing doors and hanging them, fixing imperfections, attaching exterior paneling, and securing the fascia boards to the rafter tails. By this point I was completely exhausted, and entirely covered in sunburn.

Yesterday we got the paneling up on all but the backside, and finished the trim on the front gable end. I still need to trim the rest, paper and shingle the roof, attach the latch, panel the rear gable end, and fix a few more minor imperfections. Overall I think it looks good (even though I’m a pretty harsh critic of myself), and the neighbour told me she loved it – although she could have just been saying something nice – so I’m happy. What matters though, is if Holly is happy.

It’s not my dream shed, but it’s a solid structure that will suitably house all 30 of the boys bikes, the snow blower, and both lawnmowers.

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