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05.29.11 | Comment?

On Friday night, Roan had his friend Daylon (no, not Dylan) sleep over. Gage slept at his friend Josh’s, so Roan and Daylon took advantage of the tv being available and watched movies all night. Roan didn’t sleep at all, then woke Holly and I up around 6:30am. The next night he asked to have his friend Kyle stay over. Holly said sure, then Gage asked to have two of his friends stay as well. Holly again said sure, but on the condition that he wasn’t an asshole to his brother.

This morning Holly was up first (which is a first) and went down to check on the boys. It was obvious that Roan and Kyle fell asleep first, and Gage hadn’t really held up his end of the deal.

When I tried to take the above photo, Roan first tried to hide, but then he cooperated once we told him even the best of us have gotten the “first asleep” treatment. Plus, although it’s not something you’d want written on your arm, we decided he must actually like poo, since he rarely manages to flush it away.

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