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06.14.11 | Comment?

If you’re not already aware, my Mighty nephew’s mum is a mighty wool spinner. My brother built her a spinning wheel out of PVC tubing, and she’s been creating all kinds of neat stuff you can check out here. A few weeks ago she asked me to help design her a rack to display her wool and other goodies on. I decided to go steal some wood from Holly’s mom’s neighbour, and attempt to construct the racks from unprocessed lumber.

When we had that highly destructive wind storm that killed our shed and fence, there was a large pine tree that fell through Holly’s mom’s fence and landed on top of her house. When the neighbour finished bucking off the limbs, he left them stacked in a pile in his back yard. Since there’s no longer a fence dividing the yards, I simply strolled over and walked off with four branches ideal for posts.

I had no real plan, just an idea of what could work, and a strong urge to strip some logs (although you can’t really call them logs) and try the draw knives my friend Mary (I think we’re still friends… not sure…) found for me last year. As soon as I got the branches home I started stripping the bark. It took me about half an hour to do the bulk of the work, and about an hour to wash all the sap off my hands. I cut some mortises into some 2 x 4′s, lapped them over top each other to make a base for each post, then fastened the branches on. I then took the saw and chopped a branch off the pine in Holly’s front yard, which would be appropriate for a cross member. I bought some lag hooks and screwed them into each pole to support the cross member. The end result is the top image.

I made the sign out of a piece of left over 1 x 6 from the shed fascia, with a bit of one of Roan’s pastels. I don’t think Lisa will actually use the sign, I was just having fun. The whole thing looks like something Winnie the Pooh would make to me, and I thought the sign seemed appropriate. Lisa loved the racks, and has asked me to make a third one now. I’m still in the process of staining the first two (the post in the second image has five coats so far), and I need to have them all finished before Friday. Tomorrow I plan to finish the shed, and with any luck, if Holly’s mom’s neighbour hasn’t disposed of the last of the branches, I’ll construct the last rack, and start staining it in the afternoon.

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