Cobras campaign for fish food awareness

06.14.11 | Comment?

Holly knows someone through business dealings, who also runs a fishing charter out of the Great Lakes. Recently he offered to take her and the boys fishing for salmon in Lake Ontario, and said I was welcome to come along. As anyone who would be reading this is already aware, I have a black belt in animal loving. I don’t hunt, eat meat, or even kill insects for the most part (massive home invading hoards of ants excluded). The last time I caught a fish, I was probably just a little older than Gage. I wasn’t really looking forward to catching fish, but going out on a boat for a few hours is usually pretty fun.

Most of you probably already know that one of my best friends is a huge fishing enthusiast, and runs one of, if not, the most popular fishing blogs in existence. He’s constantly trying to get me to join him because he knows that even without fishing I’d have a good time, but I’ve only gone a couple times when he’s been down here and we’ve wandered over to the gorge. I do have fun, but I need more to keep me from getting bored. Just before we left to head to the dock, I decided I could maybe get away with reverse fishing. Rather than try and fool the fish into biting a deadly cheek mangler, I thought I could have fun by warning them of the delicious deceptions that were hoping to ruin their day.

I crafted this custom cobra lure out of a piece of cardboard and the chain from a Steam Whistle bottle opener. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate, and I never got to see how effective my idea for reverse fishing actually was. On the bright side, rescheduling means I get a chance to refine my design. I’m thinking less words, more pictures… possibly a worm with dynamite strapped to his chest, or just an x-ray view of a worm with a hook through it. Either way, I think I’ve got something here.

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