Kid cobra keeps goal

06.14.11 | Comment?

There are very few sports I care about. When I was a kid I loved hockey, but by the time I got to high school I didn’t want anything to do with sports. These days, the only sports I can stand to watch is women’s tennis, and UFC. I am starting to get into Gage’s soccer games more and more, now that his age group is starting to form strategies and work together. However, Roan’s age group still chases the ball like a school of fish and most of the kids look for praise from their parents after they touch the ball instead of moving up and getting open for a pass. For me, his games drag on and on sometimes.

Saturday was his second real game, and just before half time he decided he would like to try going in net. He let a couple goals in, but managed to make a bunch of really good saves. The one thing every other kid on his team failed to do while defending, was use their hands. They all get so used to not being allowed to touch the ball with their hands, that once they’re in net they try to stop every shot with their feet, and then attempt to boot it out of their end as quickly as possible. I kept telling Roan to use his whole body to stop the ball, then pick it up as fast as he can so he can compose himself and pass the ball to someone open. He did really good at it, but kept forgetting (although only momentarily) that just because he picked up the ball, doesn’t mean the game stops.

I’m not sure if Roan enjoyed being the goal defender as much as just playing, but I certainly enjoyed watching the game more. Plus, him playing that position compliments my coaching style which consists entirely of yelling two phrases: “Grab it!”, “Boot it!”. We’re going to miss his game this week, since we’ll be in Windsor, taking part in the walk for cancer, in memory of Holly’s dad. I hope he sticks with goalkeeping for a little while, and doesn’t get discouraged when people score on him (or start bawling like the kid he played against the week before). Gage played net for a lot of his games at that age, and did awesome. At that age the kids have no idea how to play their positions, so the goalkeeper is usually left without any help from his defensive line, and sees lots of action. If he only had to stop two shots a game, I guarantee he’d get bored and want out of net. In my opinion, it would be good for the team if Roan played goal. He’s the best on his team so far.

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