Passed out passengers

06.14.11 | Comment?

Roan is mildly infatuated with my height. He’s constantly asking me “Eric, who’s taller, you… or <insert name>?”. He often says he wishes he was tall, a complaint I hear from plenty of people, whether I’ve got a foot or a few inches on them. I’m no giant, I still see plenty of people taller than I am, yet somehow it still always comes up. I recently told Holly, after my umpteenth time of being asked to get something off the top shelf for someone at a store, that from now on, I’m asking a short person to get every item I need that is on a shelf below knee height.

I remember being Roan’s age and being in much the same boat. My older brother was much taller than I was, and I felt like I was never growing. I wanted so bad to be as tall as my brother, and then one day I was. I even gained an inch or two on him (which I think drove him nuts because he loved basketball, where height alone is enough to get you on a team most times). For a while it seemed great. I got a kick out of being taller than both my parents by the time I was in grade 9. A short time later I realized how unfair the world can be to the vertically privileged. The fact that everything is designed for the average person, tends to infringe on my comfort and convenience hourly. I have hit my head 17,000 times in Holly’s house since moving here 2 years ago.

I would give anything to go back to being Roan’s size for a little while. I can’t even get in the back seat of most cars, let alone have a slumber party in there. I’m guessing one day he’ll agree. Gage is already taller than Holly, and will likely catch up to me in no time. If things go as they did in my family, the second child will be more perfect in every way, thus making Roan much taller than both Gage and myself. The first time I see him hit his head, I’m going to remind him of how obsessed he was with being tall, and point out that you reap what you sow.

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