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09.25.11 | Comment?

Last Monday began a new era in Cobra careers. Thanks to Holly’s hard work I am now a full-time employee of John Deere Canada… sort of. I got hired via Man Power, which means I get paid less than a normal Deere employee, and have less vacation and freedom. Hopefully this is only temporary though. Either I will find something else entirely, or I’ll get hired as an actual Deere employee. So far I like everyone I’ve had to deal with, and it’s a place that absolutely has to work as a team so people have been very willing to help thus far. I am still bummed that I’m back working in a warehouse and not building anything cool, but at least I’ll have paycheques!

My first one will mostly go towards maintaining The Sword, which is overdue for tranny fluid and a serpentine belt. Now that The Sword is slashing up the QEW daily it’s important I get those things done sooner than later. The remainder will be going towards getting Holly a laptop for her birthday that passed a week ago today. Once I finally get money I can spend on “other things” I want to get my laptop some new parts. I need a new wireless card, and I have had a bunk hard drive in this thing since almost day one.

The thing I’m most looking forward to with the new job (aside from the pay) is learning to, and being allowed to operate the following on a daily basis – both because I dig things like these, and I look forward to not having to walk quite as much every day.




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