Sputnik the Stray

07.16.12 | Comment?

About ten days ago I went outside after getting home from work and heard a little meow. I meowed back a few times before a tiny tortie crawled out of the shadows and blasted me with her cute-ray. I was instantly convinced I had to make friends. She wouldn’t get any closer than about 15′ for a long time, but she continually cried at me and clearly wanted something. I was worried she might get spooked, but I decided to run inside and get her some food. I came back out and she was still there crying.

It took her about fifteen minutes to shovel half the dish into her belly, barf it all up, then polish off the other half like a boss. I continued to sit with her until the combination of mosquitoes and sitting on concrete got to be too much, then I left her to hide under The Sword, hoping she would still be there in the morning so we could continue getting to know each other. Not surprisingly, I didn’t sleep long as the prospective new feline friend took precedence over being a responsible adult who gets the appropriate amount of rest. I shot out of bed at 7:30am and rushed out to the driveway. She started crying again as soon as I approached her, and as soon as she heard the food hit the dish she came darting out from under Swordie LaForge.

By the time she finished her meal she decided I was ready, and granted me the honour of petting her. That day I spent a lot of time trying to convince her I was cool, and I think it paid off. She has stuck around ever since. We’re feeding her morning and night, and she sleeps in the hedge or under Holly’s car. Every time someone comes out the side door she comes to say hi. I gave her the name Sputnik because she acts like a satellite when we’re out there, and because space is totally badass.

Today while I’m at work, Holly will be taking Sputnik to our friend, Lesley, who will hopefully be able to help this sweetheart with whatever is all over her face and then find her a home. I’d love to keep her but she needs to be healthy and de-baby-maker-ed first and we can’t afford to get her there. Hopefully she’ll find someone almost as cool as me, because she deserves the best. She’s absolutely the best type of cat, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my best friend a tortie. She’s extremely loveable, and super chatty.

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