Bang! “WOOOOOOO!…. Did I even hit it?…”

03.05.13 | Comment?

Back in January, we all went to the gun range for an introduction to firearms. Holly got a deal through Groupon which allowed each of us to fire a bunch of rounds with a couple different guns. It was a cold day, but the sun came out periodically and made waiting for our turn more tolerable. We had to wait for our instructor / guide dude to come get us, so Gage and I watched three guys with big shotguns shoot clay pigeons for a little while, then the whole family went and looked at the fun stuff in the gun shop. Gage and Roan pointed out all the guns that were from Call of Duty games, and I think we all wanted to try them. Unfortunately we would need to go through a bunch of certification before we would be allowed to touch one of those, but maybe one day we will.

I was allowed to take photos and videos, so here’s a bunch of clips of our day at the range:


Roan went first (surprise!), firing a .22 with a red dot sight at a paper target about twenty feet away.


Gage was next up, with the same gun. He chose to unload his clip a little faster than the rest of us.


Then it was Holly’s turn with the .22. She shot nice and slow and was very accurate.


Finally I had my turn, then we switched over to a different gun. This one was also a .22 Smith & Wesson, but it had no sight attachment. After we each took turns back and forth with the .22′s, it was time for us to move up to the Glock 9mm. This is the gun our police officers carry, and it’s a lot more powerful than the .22′s.


Gage went first, as Roan wasn’t sure he’d want to fire the 9mm after seeing youtube videos of people knocking themselves out with guns that have too much kick for them to handle.


He took some convincing even after watching Gage rock the Glock like a boss, but he did it and he still has all his teeth (minus the one he dug out the other night with vigorous brushing!).


Holly was next with the Glock, and I would have to say she had the most fun with it. It was the only gun she fired all day that made her impulsively yell ‘Woooooo” after pulling the trigger.


Once again I was last to have a turn (I don’t mind, I wanted to get photos and videos of all the others before running out of batteries / space more than I wanted a turn with the guns), and for some reason I got an extended lesson in the Glock’s internal safety system. I just wanted to shoot it, and I wasn’t sure why it was so important for me to keep the safety disengaged between shots, since it contradicted things our guide previously stated about ensuring we don’t fire too quickly with the 9mm. Either way, I got to shoot it and it was pretty cool. Definitely my favourite one of the day.


By the end of the day each of us had got to fire a bunch of rounds with the hand guns, and a few with a scoped rifle. We had a blast, and I’m pretty sure we’re looking into doing it again. I highly recommend Silverdale Gun Club for anyone in the Niagara area looking to learn about gun use and safety.

I feel better knowing we’re all one step closer to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

There’s a bunch of photos and a lot more details in Holly’s post, so go read it if you haven’t already.

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