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03.20.13 | Comment?

Today is my brother’s birthday, so this morning I spent some time making him a Dr. Who themed card featuring his favourite doctor (Matt Smith) partying with a Dalek and a plate of fish fingers and custard in his honour. I figured since I already made him a Dr. Who gift, a Dr. Who card would be suitable.

The gift took me about 40 hours so far, and I probably have about another 20 to go now that I’ve decided to make a second gift (more about that further into this post), so I decided to spend significantly less time on the card. It still turned out okay I think.

I got the idea to make his gift back in January, shortly after watching the entire series on Netflix. I decided to get an early start on it because it’s quite large, and I didn’t want to be stuck scrambling to finish it at the last minute. Originally I had planned to frame it so he could hang this somewhere in his house, but then I reverted to my usual gift giving mentality –  “What if the recipient doesn’t like or want this and now feels obligated to keep / display it because I imposed it upon them?” – so last week I showed it to my brother and asked him what he wanted me to do. I offered the option of the frame as well as a key rack or a cigar box or anything else he could think of. He asked if I could add his street name and number and make it an address sign for the front of his house.

I downloaded some free Dr. Who fonts and played around with how I would lay it out, but nothing looked right to me. As a result I’ve decided to just say, fuck it. I’m going to frame the piece I’ve already made, and I’m going to start another for his address sign. He’ll just have to deal with the fact that he gets two gifts and will likely be the cause of my future carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here’s what I plan to do for the address sign. I can’t decide which of the two I like more but I’m hoping once Holly brings home the printed templates I’ll have an easier time choosing. Both are going to be difficult as a result of all the straight lines in the T.A.R.D.I.S., but I’ll just have to go super slow and try my best to keep a steady hand. Which might be even harder than usual given the fact that I’d like to have this done and stained before I go see my brother tomorrow evening.



Hope it’s a good one!

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