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12.30.13 | Comment?


It’s been over five months since I looked at this blog, maybe it’s time to start posting again. A better idea might be backing up and packing up, but I want to give this another shot before I give up. I have wanted to be more active at sharing, but I seem to find any excuse not to. When I’m working, I have no time. When I’m not working, I feel guilty sitting and writing. I know there are ways to make time, I’ve just been too lazy to put forth the effort. So here goes one last attempt at chronicling the ever-so-interesting existence of Eric.

I got called back to work a short time after my previous post. The call came on a Friday afternoon, mere weeks before my unemployment coverage ran out. At that point I had given up on the notion of going back, having heard nothing at all since being laid off at the beginning of the year. Holly and I had begun having serious chats about what we were going to do if I didn’t find something before my E.I. ran out, so I was relieved to see my boss’s number on the call display. After the usual, “How you been?, What’s new?, Keepin’ busy?…”, he informed me he had some design work for me. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was something.

I agreed to do the work, and got started right away. I had to model an existing two story house, then add a deck, pathway, retaining wall and some minor landscaping details. It didn’t take me long, but it was a little frustrating. I got one set of plan-view drawings that were incomplete and was expected to create a scale model using only it and two photos. Luckily I’m always up for a challenge. I pulled off the drawings and handed them off in typical cobra fashion; meaning I worked hard and fast and forgot to ask if I was getting paid.

The phone went silent for weeks again, and I had given up all hope of going back or even getting paid for the design work, until another Friday phone call caught me off guard. This one was serious. There was no pussy-footing pleasantries like last time. Instead I was quickly informed that everyone had been fired and asked, if I wasn’t busy Monday would I like to come back to work?

The first day back started with myself and my boss watching intently as the last guy he fired picked up the remainder of his tools, dropped off his keys and shouted harsh facts in his now former boss’s face. I say facts because I tend to agree with the bulk of this guys complaints. I say this guy, because before that day I had never met this… co-worker. Once all the awkwardness of being handed the keys the recently fired guy just threw at your boss’s face in front of the recently fired guy settled, my boss decided to step it up and ask me if I’d ever seen such a whiner and a baby as the guy turned to leave. I had no idea what to say, so I stood there awkwardly some more until the awkwardness was met and defeated by flying stones shooting from the now rapidly spinning tires on recently fired guy’s truck.

It was the perfect preface to the next five months.


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