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Despite it’s fuzziness, if you can identify the trio in the photo above, you most likely share a love for one of my favourite things, Kids in the Hall. A show I grew up on and still continue to watch on an almost daily basis. I’ve written about my obsession love for this troupe of Canadian comedy pioneers in the past, so I won’t waste time worshipping their genius (but believe me, I could go on for hours). In the twenty-five or so years that I’ve been a fan, I’ve never had a chance to see any of the troupe’s live performances. I was either too young, or too late to the box office every time they had a show. Until this past year…

I heard a programme on the CBC the other day while I was working away, it’s topic: Bucket Lists. The host was taking calls and asking people what items on their personal ‘Bucket List’ got ‘checked-off’ in 2013. I haven’t put much thought into my own personal list, but I can assure you seeing Kids in the Hall live would have been near the top. I never expected to see them. I figured I had missed the boat on Kids in the Hall live performances. Until one day Facebook, for the first time in its existence, proved useful. I must have at some point ‘Liked’ the Kids in the Hall Facebook page, as it shows up in my news feed. It’s one of the only things I look forward to about signing into Facebook once every lunar cycle, and thrice this past year it’s made me reconsider abandoning Facebook. And once this year it’s made me use the word thrice.

The first show we got tickets for, was just Bruce and Brian Connelly, of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. It was a small show venue, which was perfect. It was an evening of monologues and songs, which you could tell Bruce was having fun doing. It ended too quickly, and left me dying for more.

Fortunately I wouldn’t have to wait long, as a short time later a show featuring Dave Foley and a number of, at that point, unknown special guests was announced. I checked the Facebook feed and much to my surprise the special guests were Mark, Kevin, Scott and Bruce! Holly booked us tickets right away, and a few weeks later we were crammed inside Yuk Yuk’s Toronto, with as many other people as was legally possible (and possibly a few more…) to watch the entire troupe reunite for a benefit show for Calgary Flood Relief. It was one of the hottest days in the summer, so it was highly uncomfortable in such a packed club, but it was worth it. I figured nothing could top seeing the whole troupe together, doing their classic sketches (even if there was an obvious utter lack of organization, rehearsal, and set decoration). That assertion was wrong.


A month or two later, the Kids announced a run of five shows in Toronto, which they plan to use to ‘test the waters’, and consider a possible full tour for 2014. We got tickets to the very last showing, and had some of the best seats in the house. No other details were provided, so we weren’t sure what to expect. I honestly figured it would just be a rehashing of what we had seen earlier in the year, but with the inclusion of sets and preparation.

When we arrived at the theatre we were instantly met by one of the most identifiable KITH icons. He did not scuttle, hurried when we approached. Instead, he just stood there. You see, to rush, or to wear a watch would be foreign to Bellini. People exploited his patience and the more fortunate ones, lined up for a chance to paint the mighty Bellini. We scuttled, hurried to our seats, ensuring we didn’t miss a second.

The curtain came up and there stood five of my favourite performers in elegant wedding gowns. I don’t think I stopped smiling from that second until we were about half way home. The entire show was new material. All of it hilarious. The only sketch that was old material (Bruce apologizing for causing cancer), had so much new material tacked on that it didn’t count as reused material to me. This was truly the best of all three performances I was fortunate enough to be at this past year, and I really hope the guys were convinced that a full tour is possible and in demand. If a tour is announced, do yourself a favour and get tickets. But do ME a favour, and wait until I’ve got mine.




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